Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!  Flagler County Schools Transportation’s goal is to provide safe, secure, efficient, and professional transportation for the district’s students. The purpose of this letter is to review our student management program for school bus transportation so we can reach together our core goal – the safety of children. We are committed to you, our Flagler Schools Family, in carrying your precious cargos and heart safely from bus stop to school and back.

We in Transportation have been working with the district schools to standardize discipline issues in classrooms and its extension… the school bus. Some issues that need extra attention are:

  • Safety issues concerning a small percentage of students that jeopardize the safety for all.
  • Safety issues concerning proper behavior at railroad crossings.
  • Safety issues concerning Proper Street crossing by students when loading & unloading the bus.
  • Address student failure to cooperate or comply with our professional bus drivers.
  • Students “picking” on other students.
  • A discipline strategy for students – the bus is an extension of the classroom.

Some School Bus Facts:

  1.  The Flagler County Schools Student Transportation Services operates by a set of safety, security, health and driver qualification guidelines that meet and in some cases exceeds federal and state laws to ensure that school buses are the safest mode of transportation for our school children.

  2. Our bus operators and attendants are highly trained professionals who have the children’s safety in mind. They receive specialized training in student behavior management, loading and unloading, security and emergency management procedures.

  3. Our staff participates in pre-employment and random substance abuse testing as well as frequent driving record checks, and submits background checks and annual medical exams to keep their Commercial Driver’s License with the proper endorsements. They receive at a minimum, 40 hours of initial certification training and eight (8) hours of annual re-certification training in their job field.

  4. Our school buses transport approximately 6,500 students a day with 84 routes which equals 77 students per bus, and the average classroom has 18-25 students (Kindergarten to High School). So our bus drivers transport about 3-4 classrooms of students – Alone!

  5. Our buses are equipped with video, audio and GPS tracking. We carefully investigate all public and parent complaints.

There are many students to one adult trying to drive safely – so if your child is not being observed when something happens, there’s a reason. We are trying to transport students safely and need the cooperation of each and every student & parent.

With this being said, we need your partnership as we move forward in making Flagler County school buses a safer and more enjoyable part of the students’ day. Please review the transportation policies on the next page. Also, review and sign the parent contract with your child on page three.  Please return completed form to your students Professional Bus Operator.


Andy West
Director of Transportation