What is Title 1?

Title I is a federally funded program designed to ensure that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.  Funding for the program is allocated based on the number of low income families attending a school.  Funds from Title I allow schools to offer additional programs, staff, and materials for the benefit of our schools with large low-socioeconomic populations. 

A portion of Title I funds is required to be used for meaningful parent involvement.  Ask your school how you can get involved!

Title I funds help to improve academic achievement by supporting:

  • Effective instruction

  • Family Involvement

  • Professional Development

Parents have the right…

  • to know the professional qualifications of their child’s teacher(s) including the degrees and certifications held, whether the teacher is certified in the area they are teaching, and if they are highly qualified.

  • to know if a teacher has taught their child for four consecutive weeks, who does not meet the highly qualified definition.

  • to be involved in the planning of the parent involvement plan at their school.

  • to know the level of achievement that their child scored in each area of the state assessments given.

  • to help make important decisions by participating on school committees and meetings such as SAC, DPAC, and ESOL PLC.


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