Parent Resources

Provided below are several links that offer lots information on different subject areas; all of which can be helpful to both parents and students.

Love is Respect:  Tips Parents Can Share

Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

How to Help Your Child Be Successful in School:

Mental Health:

Resources for Health and Mental Health


Understanding Youth Violence:


Understanding Bullying:


Understanding Suicide:


Understanding Intimate Partner Violence:


101 Things To Do Instead of Tobacco:


Looking Great, Feeling Great - Healthy Eating:


Teen Talk - Commonly Asked Questions About Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs):


Talking about Healthy Relationships:

School and Career Planning for Students:

Bullying Prevention: 2015 Resource Guide

The Bullying Prevention: 2015 Resource Guide provides extensive information and resources about bullying prevention. Contents include descriptions of organizations and websites; data, definitions, and research; programs, campaigns, and toolkits; policies, laws, and legislation; publications and resources; and information about at-risk populations as well as bullying and co-occurring issues. To view the guide, go to