Parent Involvement

Welcome to Flagler County Schools Family Engagement! 

Research shows that student achievement increases when parents are involved in the education process. 

Join us in working towards student academic success!

 The following are links to our 2018-2019 Parent & Family Engagement Plans:

Bunnell Elementary  Flagler Palm Coast High School
Wadsworth Elementary Imagine School Town Center
Rymfire Elementary Palm Harbor Academy
Buddy Taylor Middle School District PFEP

Link to:   2018-2019 Parent Resource Guide 

Title 1 Parent Involvement 

Upcoming Parent Groups:   

New!  Click on the following groups for meeting information.

 Email Diane Howes, program specialist with any questions or if you would like to be a part of one of these groups!

NOVEMBER is Family Engagement Month!  

ESOL Parent Involvement 

Link to:  Helpful Online ESOL Resources!

Link to:  Adult English Classes 

Some Ways for families and care givers to get involved:

  • Make sure your child gets to school on time.
  • Attend a Student Advisory Counsel (SAC) meeting at your school.  This committee is open to all parents, teachers, and community members.  Schools are looking for your input as parents. Please consider coming to your school's SAC meeting.   Translators are available (when feasible) with advance request.
  • Join the Parent Teacher Organization at your school.
  • Read with or to your child.  For older students, ask what they are reading about.
  • Assist your child with homework.
  • Join the ESOL Parent Leadership Committee (ESOL PLC)– Open to all ESOL parents.  This group helps to meet the needs of the ESOL population.  Russian and Spanish translators in attendance for parents.
  • Join Grandparents Parenting Again – Open to Grandparents that are now parenting their grandchildren.  This group discusses the unique circumstances grandparents parenting again encounter and offers the support from other grandparents in similar situations.
  • Attend your child's guidance meeting.
  • Parents of students that attend a Title I school can use the Parent Resource Centers at the Title I schools.  They have manipulatives, literature, and games to help reinforce learning at home.
  • Join the District Parent Advisory Committee.  This group meets twice a year.  We would love to have your input! This group is open to all parents of students at Bunnell Elementary, Rymfire Elementary, Wadsworth Elementary, Buddy Taylor Middle, and Flagler Palm Coast High School.
  • Talk to your child about their day.  Inquire about both social and academic issues.
  • Attend school events.  Check the school calendars and/or newsletters that come home for information about upcoming events.
  • Communicate with your child’s school.  We value your input!
  • Become a school volunteer.

We are a team!  Together with strong school–home relationships, we can help strengthen the academic success of our students!


“We take great pride in the fact that Florida leads the nation in school choice and student performance,” Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said. “Through the Florida Students Achieve website, we provide a central location where parents and families can access the information they need to make the best education decisions for their students. It is my hope that all Floridians will take advantage of this tremendous resource.”One of the website’s primary functions is the school performance search tool, which ultimately enables parents to search by district, zip code, city or other geographic data view and then compare school and district data. 

Florida Dept. of Education Office of Family & Community Outreach

Contact information for all schools: