Delayed Start at Flagler Palm Coast High School

Friday, April 26, 2019 - 9:27am

As school personnel was preparing to open Flagler Palm Coast High School this morning, they discovered graffiti making a threat against the school. Since students were not yet in the school, it was decided to keep everyone out of the buildings until school security crewswith the assistance of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office could conduct a sweep of the campus. The stadium was searched first, so that there was a place for arriving student to be held while the rest of the campus was searched. Nothing was found during that sweep.

Just before 8:00 the school was cleared and students were allowed back into the building. The schedule has been delayed by 1/2 hour to give students the opportunity to eat a quick breakfast in the cafeteria. The first period will be adjusted.

School security personnel are reviewing all video to try to identify the person who wrote the threat. We will also have increased security on campus as a precaution. As always, if anyone has any information about this threat, they are asked to report it immediately, either by contacting a teacher or administrator or through the “See Something, Say Something” section on the Flagler Schools website. Additionally, a report can be made through the FortifyFL app.