Best & Brightest Teacher Scholarship

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Best & Brightest Teacher Scholarship Program for SY 2018-19

Please read carefully

1.  Who is eligible?

  • Classroom Teachers as defined in FL Statute 1012.01(2) (a).  Classroom teachers are staff members assigned the professional activity of instructing students in courses in classroom situations, including basic instruction, exceptional student education, career education, and adult education.  This excludes substitute teachers.
  • Other Instructional Staff – any district staff whose positions are under Instructional or Professional classification categories, and have students assigned to them in the district MIS (Management Information System).
  • A school district employee who is no longer a classroom teacher may receive an award if the employee was a classroom teacher in the prior school year, was rated highly effective, and met the requirements as a classroom teacher.

2.  What are the Scholarship Amounts?

Florida Statute, 1012.731 - There are three scholarships available for eligible employees:

  • $6,000 – Composite score at or above 80th percentile on either SAT or ACT and “Highly Effective” on 2017-18 evaluation.
  • $1,200 – Rated “Highly Effective” on 2017-18 evaluation.  This includes eligible employees who receive the $6,000 award. 
  • Up to $800 – Rated “Effective” on 2017-18 evaluation.

* These amounts are subject to change based on the number of eligible classroom teachers in the state

3.  What must eligible employees do?

No later than November 1, 2018 – Eligible employees, for the $6,000 scholarship, must submit required documents to Human Resources to determine eligibility.

Required Documents:

  • Signed Best & Brightest Application.   (see attached)
  • Official SAT/ACT score sheet that clearly defines an eligible composite score of 80% or above.
  • Copy of a completed/signed “Highly Effective” 2017-18 evaluation 
  • If a name changes has occurred since taking the SAT/ACT, documentation of name change (i.e. marriage license/divorce decree)
  • Newly hired teachers this school year are exempt from the evaluation requirement if they have not been evaluated.

If an eligible employee has received the $6,000 Best & Brightest Teacher Scholarship in the past, submit only the Best & Brightest Application and copy of the completed/signed 2017-18 “Highly Effective” evaluation.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to obtain, complete, and submit all pertinent documentation on time (no later than November 1, 2018)

Eligible employees for the $1,200 or $800 scholarship Do Not submit an application or documentation.

4.  How to Obtain Your College Entrance Test Scores?

  • ACT – What score do I need to qualify?  You need a composite score that was at or above the National 80th percentile in the year you took the exam.  Residual ACT scores will not be accepted.  You are responsible for retrieving your score and submitting it to the Human Resources Department.  The district cannot assist you with this.  To obtain your score, please call 319-337-1270 or go to:

  • SAT – What score do I need to qualify? 

You need scores that were at or above the National 80th percentile in both Critical Reading and Mathematics (or composite score of the two) in the year you took the exam.You are responsible for retrieving your score and submitting it to the Human Resources Department.The district cannot assist you with this.To obtain your score, please call 866-756-7346 or go to:

5.  What must I do to retake the SAT or ACT?

6.  What are the acceptable SAT/ACT score documents to submit? 

Applicants may submit an original or copy of their official score sheet from SAT/ACT. 

7.  When will the bonus be paid?

The one-time bonus will be paid no later than April 1, 2019.  Please note: All payments to eligible employees from this program are subject to payroll and income tax withholding.  FCSD must withhold the employer’s share of FICA taxes which will lower the amount of the bonus by approximately 7.65%.  This is a State funded opportunity.  Flagler County School District is not responsible for funding or program parameters.

8.  Must I be an active employee of Flagler County School District at the time of payout? 

Once an employee is deemed eligible by FCSD, the eligible employee shall remain eligible as long as he or she remains employed by FCSD as an eligible member as defined by FLDOE* and receives an annual performance evaluation rating of Highly-Effective/Effective or is Highly Effective/Effective based on a commissioner-approved student learning growth formula.

*a school district or charter school employee who is eligible for the $6,000 scholarship and who is no longer a classroom teacher may receive a Best and Brightest Teacher Scholarship award if the employee met the requirement as a classroom teacher in the prior school year and was rated highly effective.

9.  I submitted everything.  What is next?

Due to the large number of submissions, it will take time to review and confirm eligibility. Therefore, please do not contact Human Resources regarding the status. After the review process is complete, we will inform applicants of the District’s final decision. The State deadline for Districts to submit their lists of eligible Teachers is December 1, 2018. We must comply with that deadline.

10.  How do I know I will receive the bonus?

If you submitted all of the required documents and the District has verified your information, your name will be placed on the list that we will send to the State no later than December 1, 2018. You will receive an email stating that we confirmed your eligibility and sent your information to the State. Districts are 100% responsible for determining eligibility. Therefore, if your name is on the list submitted to the State, then you qualify for receiving the bonus.

11.  What are the other deadlines?

  • December 1, 2018 – District submits list of eligible employees who qualify to FL DOE
  • February 1, 2019 – FL DOE will disburse scholarship funds to the district for each eligible employee
  • By April 1, 2019 – District will award the scholarship to eligible/qualifying employees. 


Best & Brightest Teacher Scholarship Application