Fleet Services

Fleet Services

Times have changed since the first school buses were built. Our buses provide the latest safety features and the safest transportation to and from school. Statistics show that school buses are eight times safer in transporting students to and from school then the family car.

Some interesting facts about Fleet Services

Mission Statement

"To maintain in a safe and cost efficient manner all Flagler County Public Schools fleet vehicles".


Fleet Services maintains over 300+ pieces of equipment

We maintain 120 school buses. Most school buses have A/C, and 226 other vehicles and equipment, which are a mixture of cars, vans (passenger and work vans), small trucks, large trucks, golf carts, trailers, lawn mowers and decks, pressure washers, emergency generators, forklifts, front end loaders, and welders.


Our maintenance and repair garage facility is open 10 ½ hours a day 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday-Friday when School is in session – When school is not in session, we are open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Other Running Repairs

If any defect is found by a Driver, they will fill out a work request and submit it for repair. Most of the time, these small defects are repaired and completed the same day.  If this defect is a downing item, the vehicle will be placed “out of service” until repaired.


Road Calls

If a driver has a problem, they will call in on our 2-way radio during work hours. If it occurs after hours, the drivers have our cell telephone numbers and will call our Fleet staff - Road calls are handled immediately.


Major Unit repairs

When we have a major component failure, such as a transmission, differential, etc. we will notify the department of its failure and then supply them with an estimate of the repair, along with the estimated time it will take before the vehicle can be placed “back in service.”


Pool Vehicles

Pool vehicles are reserved on a first come first served bases. The first step is to call (386 437-8297) to verify if a pool vehicle is available. If a vehicle is available you will be penciled in for the day or days needed. Then you must fill out Use of School Vehicle request form and either fax it to us (386 586-2328) or inter office mail to us.

Remember to have an administrator sign the request and put in account code for the charges. Only School Board employees can drive pool vehicles.

Please note that the dates and time of departure and return of vehicles are very important for our scheduling of pool vehicle.


Purchasing - We make most of our purchase off of contracts

  • Fuel: State Contract - We use ultra low sulfur diesel fuel to keep our air cleaner
  • Oil, grease, anti-freeze:  Piggy back off of approved State Contracts
  • Engines and transmissions:  State Special Purchase Agreement (SPA)
  • Buses and Vehicle:  State Contract or Sheriffs Deptartment Contract

New Vehicles

All vehicles and equipment are assigned unique identification (ID) numbers. This number is used to track every school bus, vehicle, and piece of equipment from the date it is purchased to the day of disposal. We are using a number system of five numbers; the first 3 ID the build year the last two ID the order in which we received them.  Also the last two number of the ID are used to identify whether it is a school bus or a vehicle.  We use numbers 01 through 50 for buses. Numbers 51 to 99 are used for vehicles or equipment. The number of a vehicle will identify whether it is a bus, vehicle or equipment.


Warranty Management

Parts personnel run an aggressive warranty documentation, implementation and collection from all vendors. Annually we recovered thousands of dollars in warranty claims.