Fine Arts




The Fine arts in Flagler County schools are energized by the passion and dedication of our young artists!   We strive to foster a culture of excellence and to find more meaningful ways to connect with our community.




Our arts educators inspire our students through their expertise as active performers and creators.  The arts teachers in Flagler County are all certified qualified teachers with degrees in their field.  

Our students and alumni have been recognized for their artistry within our community and beyond.   Students in Flagler County Arts programs have been accepted into distinguished institutions and many work in the visual and performing arts industry!   It starts with a passion that becomes a purpose and in some students a profession!

Students that experience and develop in the arts find that the arts have the power to influence the lives of others.   The “arts “ inspire our students to perform, create and share their talents!

This guide will provide you with an overview of the fine art offerings in Flagler county schools.  We invite you to attend our performances and events within our schools but also in the community.    Come see and hear the remarkable work of our students!