State Assessment Conversions and Formulas Information

Formula Sheets will NOT be provided for students to use during the Computer-Based Tests. However, some formulas will be provided within the test platform. 

The best way to determine if a formula will be given is to look at the standards within the course. If it is a conceptual understanding, then a formula will most likely not be given.

When designing the formula sheet to identify formulas that will be made available within the item, if the standard required the student to “use” or “apply”, then the formula is given. If the standard suggested the student “know” or “derive” then the equation is not given.

The assessment reflects the intention of the standard.

The sheet below details the formulas that will be made available on each test. Please note that only the formulas for the course will be provided; formulas from previous courses will no longer be provided.

Algebra 2 will have a z-table available within the testing platform.

Click on the image below for a pdf version of the conversion table.