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Mission Statement:
We are a group dedicated to the unique and diverse needs of gifted students and their parents. We seek to collaborate with the Flagler County School system in positive, supportive and constructive ways to advocate for the needs of gifted students and the advancement of their programs as a part of a learning community.
Our parents group began in February 2006 out of a need to discuss gifted education and issues with other parents of gifted students. Our numbers have grown to include parents from elementary through high school grades. Diane Tomko, Gifted Education Teacher, has been most valuable in supporting the development of our group. Her expertise, advice and willingness to participate are greatly appreciated. We thank her for her efforts.

In April 2007 members of FGSN presented our Mission Statement, Goals and Action Steps to the Flagler County School Board. The Board voted unanimously to approve our group. We believe that our group has great potential to make positive contributions to both Flagler schools and parents of the gifted.

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